Sites for application

In the e-service, you can group the search results as you like and use the search criteria when searching for a site.

Grouping of sites

Grouping of search resultsFunction

Order of search results according to the selection.

Choose the order in which the results are presented according to your selection, for example:

  • Publication date

  • Price

  • Area

  • Building right

  • Street address

Residential area

Group the search results by residential area.


Group search results by site type.

Display the search results in list format.

Display the search results as cards.

Expand the search results window.

Collapse the search results window.

Show the selected site on the map. You can open more detailed information about the site by clicking on the street name.

Add the selected site to the basket. When a site has been added to the basket, the basket will appear bolded in the site information. By clicking on the bolded basket again, you can remove the site from the basket.

Search criteria for sites

Search criteriaFunction

The selected criteria are displayed in the field of the search form, and you can delete an individual condition by clicking x in the condition.


By type of site.

For example:

  • Detached home site

  • Holiday home site

  • Row house site

  • Business premises site

Residential area

By residential area.


By the area of the site.

Building right

By building right.


By price.

Floor count

By permissible floor count.

Renting is possible

By the possibility of renting a site.

Show sites

Display sites that meet the criteria in the search window. The number of sites that meet the criteria is displayed on the button.

Clear search criteria

All search criteria will be cleared.

After the desired sites have been added to the basket, you can open the basket and apply for sites.

Application details

All applicants must be added to the application using Add new applicantfunction. At least one of the applicants must have strong identification before submitting the application.

The application is submitted for processing using Send application. When the application has been received, an e-mail confirmation is sent. You can view the application and follow its status using the link in the email.